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What’s your retirement vision?

How will you make it a reality?

We’re a Kansas City based financial advisory team, supported by the resources and insight of UBS, one of the world’s largest wealth managers. We understand the challenges of transitioning from the workforce to retirement. But more important, we know that everyone’s vision of retirement is personal. We can help you bring your vision to life.

Ted Chartier, CFP® and Advisor Carson Sanford collaborate with Private Wealth Advisor Thomas Freeman, to help you create a plan for lasting income. Our experienced team can help you and your family maintain the comfortable lifestyle you’ve earned, and prepare for the years ahead with confidence.

Retirement is a creative process

We see many similarities between the process of planning for retirement and painting a picture. Both are your individual creations. Both require vision, preparation and an understanding of the tools and resources available to make them meaningful accomplishments.

How will you confidently create your retirement “masterpiece?” What kind of experiences are you hoping to enjoy? Once you have a plan in place, your canvas is ready.

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Ted Chartier has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2019

Discover your vision

What does retirement mean to you? Through a step-by-step process, our team helps you pursue your vision–all you want your retirement to be. During this step, the discovery phase, we sit down and thoroughly discuss:

  • Your goals and dreams
  • Your desired retirement date
  • Expenses
  • Income in retirement
  • Assets available to fund goals

Everyone’s situation is unique. This discovery phase is critical for establishing a foundation for all future decisions.

Sketch your plan

The next step is the design phase. This is where we use all the information collected in the first step to lay out a planning strategy for the future.

  • When does retirement look affordable?
  • What expense and goal projections look achievable for the future?

The design of your plan will help us move forward. It gives a clear picture of all the inherent risk you could face and helps us determine what steps you need to take to help prevent a worst-case scenario from occurring. By incorporating all the information from Step 1, we are shaping your vision for retirement.

Create your portfolio

This is the creation phase—the painting begins. It’s where we implement the investment and financial solutions we recommend for you. We structure portfolios using Nobel Prize winning (Economist, Harry Markowitz, 1990) Porfolio Theory, with a liability-driven overlay on the investment side. This approach is designed to help give you the highest probability of achieving your specific goals and dreams in retirement and ensure your money lasts.

We use a diversified growth and income investment strategy that aims to match the income and risk tolerance objectives stated in your financial plan. Using this investment strategy and process, we have helped many clients navigate some of the most volatile investment markets. This experience has given us tremendous confidence in our process and its ability to continue helping clients achieve future success.

Live your “masterpiece” today and tomorrow

The final step in our process is the review phase. Our team typically meets with you regularly for either an annual or semi-annual check-up to monitor your investments and financial plan. During this phase, we evaluate your financial situation and make any needed adjustments to your plan so you can continue to enjoy your retirement years.

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Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts

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Planning for the lifestyle you want