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About The Ryan Wealth Management Group



A fixture in our community

Located in the historic Rocky River Bridge Building, The Ryan Wealth Management Group has been serving the city of Cleveland and its national clientele for over three decades.

The planning you need

Life is supposed to be engaging and enjoyable–that’s how we created our planning experience. Whether you’re just starting out, entering your peak earning years, or navigating retirement–it all begins with a Financial Plan. Our financial plan will help organize your financial world–investments, banking, and insurance–and provide you the direction and confidence to meet your goals moving forward. Click below to see the power of a Financial Plan:

Power of Planning

Tax-efficient planning
Tax loss harvesting and tax-aware investing

Banking services
Coordinate lending, credit cards and checking with our team

Estate and trust strategies
Tax planning and generational wealth transfer solutions

Insurance analysis
Review your plans to help ensure proper coverage and pricing

Portfolio allocation
Evaluate risks vs. rewards of your current portfolio

Long-term care
Prepare for the rising cost of health care by making it apart of your financial plan

Philanthropic services
Advice for making wise philanthropic decisions that could help maximize gifts and reduce taxes

Business Succession
Understanding all the factors– estate planning and taxes, that can impact transitioning your business

Cash flow management
Develop a budget and cash flow strategy to help you meet current and future expenses

The service you deserve

Great customer service is simple: communicate, work hard, and always do the right thing. As a family team–we take pride in the service we provide. Our service model offers you frequent points of contact, quarterly and annual reviews, as well as client events throughout the year. We understand your schedule is busy–that’s why we make it flexible and wholly customizable to your needs:

Consistent communication

Proactive contact calendar
Staying connected is important. Calls and meetings on a regular basis to help ensure you’re on track to meet your goals

Client events
We host client events throughout the year that center around topics and questions that we feel matter most to your life. Further, we’ll also host events just to say “Thank You!”

Timely Updates
You receive newsletters, market updates, and invitations to timely market and economic events

Coordinate to simplify
We work alongside your other advisors—lawyers, accountants, and agents—to help coordinate your interests and simplify your life.

UBS Mobile App
Track your accounts, pay your bills, and deposit checks from the UBS Mobile App


A team you can trust

Every day–for over 30 years–we’ve worked hard to reward the trust of the organizations, families, and individuals that have chosen to work with us. In fact, many of our clients have found us by way of referral–we think a reflection of the value we provide, fees and costs that are fair and transparent, and a service model that puts your needs first. See why working with our team and UBS makes a difference.

A global leader in wealth management

Building on our firm’s 150-year history–UBS has never been better positioned to deliver the resources and solutions you need to address every aspect of your life and goals–investments, business, philanthropy and legacy. Recent awards and accolades would agree:

Best Global Wealth Manager, Euromoney, 2015 – 2017

Best Services for Philanthropy and Social Impact Investing, Euromoney, 2015 – 2017

Best Services for Succession Planning Advice and Trusts, Euromoney, 2015 – 2017

Best Services for High Net Worth Clients’ (USD $5 million – $30 million) Euromoney, 2015 – 2017

Kevin Ryan has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2019, 2020


Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan

Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want