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Year after year, successful families, senior executives and entrepreneurs choose The Savinar Group to help them simplify their financial world, manage risk and pursue their most important long-term goals. Why? We bring a thoughtful mix of diverse experience and multigenerational perspective to each relationship.

With nearly 30 years navigating every type of market cycle, a disciplined planning approach and our extensive backgrounds in the banking and energy sectors, we deliver the tailored strategy that integrates all of your complex investing, planning and financing priorities. No matter what your objectives or your life stage, we can help you find answers to the important questions you have about financial well-being—for your family, your business and the future.

Office locations in Oregon and Colorado

Portland, OR
805 SW Broadway
Suite 2600
Portland, OR 97205

Bend, OR
600 SW Columbia
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Bend, OR 97702-3177

Denver, CO
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Our clients have different circumstances and multiple priorities that require truly customized solutions. We believe we have the range of experience that can help them pursue their personal and professional goals.

Three decades in the markets and an extensive banking career have given Tom an independent perspective on investing and risk, as well as trading, capital funding and liquidity management. Tim’s planning and insurance background combined with a former career on Capitol Hill and Alexander’s hands-on participation in the energy sector, particularly with executives, bring another level of understanding and problem-solving to our advice.


When it comes to identifying what’s most important and the strategies that can help you achieve it, disciplined financial planning can bring clarity, as well as confidence.

That’s why our relationship with you begins with an in-depth planning discussion. Our planning process integrates your financial assets and liabilities with your savings and investment priorities. This gives us a comprehensive and cohesive view of what you have and what you may need to achieve your goals.

We believe that financial security and trust matter most to our clients. With a custom plan in place, they know that we are focused on overseeing their strategy and they can focus on enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to build.


We are not new to the industry. Our approach to investing is one we believe in and have used over time, through multiple market conditions and events—including the financial crisis of 2008 – 2009.

To us, it’s about keeping our advice independent, measured and rational—we know what we know and what we need to help you avoid—emotional decision making that can derail your strategy. We consistently focus on reasonable cost, transparency and liquidity.

Our entire team strives to provide you with the insights, resources and confidence you need to make well-informed decisions. With access to the platforms and solutions of UBS, a world leader in wealth management to our “extended team” of firm-wide specialists in complex investing and planning, we believe we can comprehensively help you manage every aspect of your financial world.

The Savinar Group

A successful wealth management strategy begins with a solid financial plan.

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