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Understanding the financial, business and personal impact of transitioning an enterprise

If you’re considering an exit from your business—whether it’s a transition to the next generation or an outright sale to a third party—the time to start planning is now.

Working with an experienced team is critical. Throughout our deep history working with entrepreneurs and business owners, we have learned to focus on the three critical areas that will be impacted by a transition:

  • Financial: How will you make sure you are financially prepared?
  • Business: How will you maximize your transferable business value?
  • Personal: How will you feel confident in your plan for what’s next?

We call these the “three-legged stool” that forms a solid foundation for your successful transition.

The earlier you start to plan your exit strategy, the better the outcome may be, even if it is many years in the future. At minimal, you will be running a better business for longer.

35% of business owners intend to exit their business within the next five years and 70% within the next 10 years. Yet over 71% don't have a documented transition plan.1

Dedicated to changing the outcome for owners looking to grow, transition or exit their businesses

Andrew Shantz, Thomas Mantione and Greg Merrill have earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA®) designation, certifying them as qualified professional advisors in the field of exit planning. Through their decades of experience working with business owners, they incorporate exit strategy insights and tools into the team’s approach, aligning financial, business and personal goals into one cohesive roadmap.

This experience of collaboratively working with business owners and entrepreneurs has led Greg to become the Founder and President of the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute.

Important resources when considering a transition

Developing your pre-exit plan

Because many business owners have much of their net worth tied up in their business, pre-exit planning can be extremely important. By going through the planning process, you can ensure that the business is ready and you are comfortable with the potential outcomes.

What net proceeds figure do you need to sustain the rest of your life? Working together, as you transition in life or seek out new opportunities, we will help make your key financial decisions much simpler.

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Planning for the sale of a closely held business

Business owner persona

Helping you maximize transferable value

Business owners often face a disconnect between perceived value and actual value. We will help you assess the attractiveness of your business to a third party and the readiness of a business to be sold. At UBS, we have vast resources and a network to help you explore all possible exit options, including those you are not currently thinking about.

What deal structure will provide you with more value and tax benefits? Identifying the right strategy in consultation with our trust and estate planning specialists and your CPA or tax professional can make a significant difference in the proceeds you take home from the sale.

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Who’s the boss?

Preparing for a strategic exit: Your guide to unlocking a lifetime of work

Planning toward a smooth transition

Preparing for a life after business

Are you personally ready for your next act in life?

Not only do we focus on the readiness of the business, but we emphasize personal readiness when going through a business transition. The right post-exit wealth management strategy can help you make a successful transition to the next phase of your wealth management journey.

What are your passions? We offer solutions that extend beyond your portfolio, including advice on family decision-making, business and generational transitions, wealth transfer, family office governance and philanthropy.

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Preparing for what’s next

Let’s discuss your passions for the future