For some of life's questions you're not alone


Together we can find an answer

To make the right choices you need to ask the right questions. And because your life keeps changing, we keep on asking. The questions below can help us discover where you are today and uncover new opportunities to pursue the future you want. After you've answered them, you can send them to us to keep the conversation going.

1. Is there someone who would manage your affairs if you couldn't?*

2. Is your family aware of your wishes for your estate?*

3. Do you have a plan for dividing your wealth among families, charities and taxes?*

4. Do you have a plan that coordinates your investments, insurance and estate?*

5. Do you have a written financial plan for achieving what you want?*

6. Have you had a serious conversation with your family about inheritance?*

Advice for the life you lead

Advice that's all about you and what you need is what UBS does best. It starts with a plan that we develop together—as part of a strategy for managing your wealth and pursuing your personal goals for every part of your life, at every stage of your life. It's what we call: Advice. Beyond investing.