Wealth strategies for business owners

The Stephens Wealth Management Group is as passionate about your business as you are. We provide advisory and financial services for business owners and entrepreneurs across every stage of the business life cycle.

Focus on efficiency and cash flow

Is your company running efficiently? We can help you get things on track.

  • We work with you to assess and address cash management needs
  • If you need to raise capital, we can connect you to appropriate banking and lending services
  • For key executives, we’ll review retention and benefits plans
  • We’ll assess buy-sell agreements
  • We will evaluate qualified small business stock (QSBS)

Focus on the deal and personal wealth management

In some cases, it can take five years or more to exit a business, so the sooner you begin preparing for the sale, the better. Our early involvement is key to helping ensure the company is market ready. But we also want to help ensure you’re well positioned to pursue your financial goals.

  • Monetizing your business is all about timing. We help you monitor industry trends and business cycles to identify an opportune time for the sale.
  • We recommend ways to fine-tune your business model to build in as much value into the company as possible.
  • To help inform our recommendations about deal structure, valuation opportunities and tax considerations, we’ll coordinate with our network of both third-party and UBS experts in:
  • M&A advisory services
  • ESOP
  • Private equity and debt financing
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Significant liquidity presents a number of estate, tax, wealth transfer and philanthropic planning considerations. Working with the UBS Advanced Planning team, we focus on providing the wealth planning advice you need.

Focus on what’s next

Are you beginning to think about a life after work? Does retirement finally give you freedom to pursue a passion? Maybe you’re officially ready to start up a completely new venture? Our team will work with you to explore your ideas, sort through the issues and make important wealth management decisions post-sale.

  • To help you maintain your lifestyle, we recommend strategies for cash flow/income replacement.
  • Continue to follow your financial plan, which will include strategies for investing the net proceeds from the sale.
  • If life events or markets have created new circumstances, we take those into account and adjust our advice and your plan accordingly.
  • If giving back is your goal, we can provide tax-efficient philanthropic strategies to help you give back to the causes that are important to you.