Strategic and sustainable The Arbor Group approach to investment management

“Our mission is to assist our clients in making the world a better place. Through personal financial planning and sustainable investment management, we will work with you as you pursue your goals.”

— The Arbor Group

The Arbor Group has specialized in sustainable investing for 25 years. As a long-time leader in sustainable investing, we offer 13 distinct portfolio strategies. Each strategy uses environmental, social and governance (ESG) screens as well as screening based upon the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. We provide this service to individuals, endowments, foundations, retirement plans and the clients of other UBS financial advisors across the United States.

We seek to deliver competitive long-term performance while assisting our clients in meeting their long-term goals.

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Systemic client focus

We work to provide the best solutions for you
Our goal at UBS is to take the time to truly understand your needs, priorities and aspirations.

Your Investments

  • Customize personal investment strategy
  • Integrate with other investments in a holistic approach
  • Rebalance on an ongoing basis

Your Family

Financial planning

  • Determine investment objectives
  • Model outcomes to demonstrate likelihood of success
  • Revise inputs as situations or priorities change

Your Values

Philanthropy and sustainability

  • Assist in coordinating annual charitable giving
  • Help optimize the benefit to your family and charities in your estate plan
  • Identify sustainable investment options

Your liabilities


  • Tax award investing
  • Protect your plan with life and long-term care insurance
  • Review and monitor credit line and mortgage financing

Strategic and sustainable

We sustainably manage 13 distinct portfolio models through the Portfolio Management Program from conservative to aggressive. Our goal is to produce long-term performance above and beyond that of relevant benchmarks.


Sustainable Large Cap Core Equity

Sustainable Global High Dividend Equity

Sustainable International Equity

Sustainable Innovation SMID Equity


Sustainable Large Cap Core Balanced

Sustainable Global High Dividend Balanced

Sustainable Multi-Discipline Accounts

Fixed Income

Sustainable Short-Term Fixed Income

Sustainable Global Fixed Income

Sustainable Tax-Exempt Fixed Income

Sustainable Taxable Fixed Income


Sustainable Market Neutral

Sustainable Alpha 10

Our commitment to conservation and community

Our conservation efforts
The Arbor Group is proud to have been selected as financial advisors for conservation trust funds, with clients in North America, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Our clients include endowments for mountain gorillas residing in Ugandan parks, forest elephants in the mountains of Tanzania, leopards in the cedar forests of Malawi, sea turtles in the Dutch Caribbean and giant river otters in the rainforests of Suriname.

Our community efforts

Our team is also committed to making a difference at home in our community. The Arbor Group team is a corporate member of Seattle Rotary Club #4, participating in local and international Rotary activities.

Our personal passions

Philanthropy plays a vital role in each of our lives.

John Adams

  • Conservation Finance Alliance – Member of Executive Committee
  • Birdlife International – Member of Global Advisory Board
  • Bainbridge Island Museum of Art – Board Member
  • Rotary Club #4, Seattle, WA – Member
  • Rotarian Malaria Partners – Advisory Board

Michael S. Frantz

  • King County Library System Foundation – Board Member, Finance & Audit Committee

Jack O'Connor

  • National Park Service – Volunteer
  • Long Live the Kings – Volunteer and Special Events Committee Member

Leah Turino

  • Seattle Girls' School - Volunteer

Louise McMahon

  • Pasado's Safe Haven - Volunteer

Making an impact locally and globally


Sustainable investing: Preserving the world's wildlife

Sustainable investing: Preserving world wildlife

Creating a lasting and positive impact

Creating a lasting and positive impact