Guidance for a lifetime

We understand that wealth can complicate your life even as it opens the door to possibilities.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience, we can work with you to create a comprehensive plan that untangles complex financial situations. At the same time, we will assist you in shaping solutions that encompass all aspects of your world—from educating your children to providing for your retirement and your legacy.

We assess the challenges you face, aid you in simplifying the complexities and help you realize the rewards that your wealth can bring.

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“Our work revolves around long-term relationships. Knowing our clients well— working collaboratively with them—creates strong bonds of trust.”

— Rodney Duckworth


Understanding who you are and what you value is all-important to us. That’s because we don’t make decisions for you—we make them with you, listening carefully as you tell us your concerns and priorities. Once we’ve helped you define your short- and long-term goals, we conduct a Financial Goal Analysis that helps us create a comprehensive financial plan, tailored to your needs. We focus closely on details about investing, spending, saving, borrowing and retirement planning.

Retirement income planning

Clients come to us in their peak working years or already in retirement, seeking planning guidance. Often they have assets —401(k)s, pensions, private equity plans, rollovers from previous jobs, family trusts, insurance and Social Security— scattered in different areas. It’s important to bring together all of these potential retirement funding sources to create an accurate picture of your income when you stop working. Our investment strategies maximize your assets while balancing both stability and growth. And we always tailor our planning to your own personal timeline.

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Retirement income worksheet

Investment management

Our investment strategies are designed to keep pace with rising income needs and potentially weakening purchasing power. Because we have worked together on a financial plan that outlines your future goals so closely, we can create our customized asset allocations with your time horizon, cash flow needs, risk tolerances and tax implications uppermost in mind.

UBS’s open architecture platform allows us to choose from an array of different investment vehicles as we manage your portfolio. These can include equities, options tradings, fixed income, alternative investments and cash management. This gives us the freedom to provide the investment plan that best serves your unique needs.

Wealth management

More than just investments, our team provides solutions that encompass all aspects of your financial life. We’ll help you make informed decisions about everything from restructuring family wealth to minimizing the impact of taxes and planning for charitable giving. In addition to our network of tax and legal professionals, we are happy to collaborate with your estate attorneys and tax advisors. We work closely with families, often advising multiple generations on saving and investing.

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Estate planning checklist

“It’s important to have an investment plan in place, as well as someone who can help you navigate it, no matter what markets happen to be doing at any given moment.”

— Charles Roberts

Personal service

Many of our clients are personal friends, or friends of friends, and when we work with you and your family, you become a part of that community.

We’ll talk with you on a regular basis to review the progress of your financial plan, and listen and respond to any questions you may have about wealth management, investment or administrative issues. Or anything significant—if something important changes in your life, we want to hear about it.

We are committed to our relationship with you and helping you pursue your goals, using our resources and those of UBS, with its long and stable history of wealth management.


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Art Cashin on the markets

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