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“Our approach is dedicated to helping to provide you and your family the guidance and insights you need to accomplish your goals. It all starts with a plan.”

— Uehling Wealth Management

The Uheling Group

Whether we are advising an affluent family or helping to transition business ownership, we work closely together to create a fully integrated plan. Our disciplined approach, industry knowledge and deep, multigenerational experience has made a real impact on the lives of our clients. Here’s how:

  • First and foremost, we are committed to our clients’ success
  • We are trusted because clients know we always put their interests first
  • Because of our high-touch, personalized experience, clients know we truly care about them

Our second opinion service

Uehling Wealth Management’s consultative, Second Opinion Service can help you, or someone you care about, recognize the value of an integrated, comprehensive wealth management approach. Our team of financial professionals is passionate about helping people with their entire financial life.

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Goals-based planning

How can I stay focused on my priorities at every stage of life?

Managing your wealth goes beyond managing your money. That’s why we lead with financial planning. Through a series of meaningful conversations, we gain a deep understanding of what’s most important to you and work together to establish a comprehensive financial plan that prioritizes your goals.

  • Constructing your financial plan
    We spend the time to really get to know you, your loved ones and your goals. We look at all aspects of your financial life: We integrate your assets and liabilities, savings, and portfolios into a comprehensive and cohesive view.
  • Retirement income planning
    Entering retirement, many people fear the possibility of outliving their savings. Our protective strategies can help ease concerns about how long you will need to draw your funds in retirement and preparing for unexpected expenses.
  • Estate planning coordination
    We work with your attorney and accountant to help with protecting your assets, reducing estate tax exposure, and transitioning wealth to future generations.
  • Insurance consulting and review
    We view insurance as a tool to help protect your family’s assets, replace income, and create a legacy. We objectively analyze all your current policies to determine whether they meet the needs of your long-term planning.
  • Safeguarding multigenerational wealth
    Attuned to protecting the financial independence of your entire family, we can help structure a deliberate and meaningful family legacy and direct capital to reflect your values.
  • Integrated executive wealth planning
    We help corporate executives and their families with the financial planning they need to get the most from their compensation plan. Our customized planning services integrate company benefits and compensation strategies with your personal financial life.

Investment management

How can we be prepared for opportunities and protected in times of volatility?

When it comes to portfolio management, we tailor your asset allocation and risk management to your unique situation. We practice a balanced, nonproprietary investment strategy and believe that research, diversification, and risk monitoring are the foundation of financial success.

  • Customized portfolio management
    Providing the analysis and due diligence to select “best in class” managers, we build a customized portfolio specific to your unique situation. Our distinction stems from our ability to transcend the capabilities of the traditional financial advisor and bring institutional analysis and investment management directly to you.
  • Risk management and asset allocation
    We focus on strategies that help mitigate risk by building a diversified asset allocation. As we implement your investment strategy, we communicate regularly and track performance, rebalancing and making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.
  • Leveraging our institutional consulting experience
    Because we work with institutional clients in a fiduciary capacity, we have a depth of experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of complex investment programs. We translate this institutional consulting experience into action for creating comprehensive wealth strategies for affluent families.
  • Open access
    We make investment decisions objectively and deliberately, without any conflicts of interest. We consider all investment vehicles as potential tools for building a customized investment portfolio using a disciplined product selection process.
  • Research and analysis
    Through CIO Americas, Wealth Management, our global research organization, we offer our clients the latest in market research and financial insights.

Business owners

How can I simplify the complexities of my business and do what’s best for my employees?

We work with a select number of private business owners who value our ability to speak knowledgeably about their professional ventures. We address the full cycle of business needs, from retirement and equity compensation plans to transitioning your company.

    • Retirement plan services
      Our experienced team keeps up with changing regulations, stays on top of requirements and designs retirement and incentive programs to attract and retain top talent. With complicated benefit packages—as well as potentially complex tax consequences—employees need specialized advice.
  • Fiduciary governance
    We provide the advice of an ERISA fiduciary as you make your most important investment decisions. We also help organize key documents, assess or establish an Investment Policy Statement, provide updates on fiduciary issues, and analyze fees and expenses.
  • Plan health
    We can help assess provider services and plan effectiveness as well as introduce new strategies to enhance overall plan health.
  • Retirement readiness
    Education is key to preparing participants for retirement. Together we will develop a customized education strategy specific to your needs.
  • Succession and estate planning strategies
    The decision to exit a business is often very personal and complex. Using appropriate cash flow, family planning and portfolio strategies, as well as efficient tax structures, such as trusts and philanthropic vehicles, we not only facilitate the achievement of an entrepreneur’s business goals, but also wealth preservation and legacy goals.
  • Leveraging our institutional consulting experience
    Because we work with institutional clients in a fiduciary capacity, we have a depth of experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of complex investment programs. We translate this institutional consulting experience into action for creating comprehensive wealth strategies for affluent families.

Lasting relationships

How will we work together?

Exemplary service is the key to a successful relationship. Our highly integrated team works closely together, shares knowledge and maintains accountability for all our clients. While you may work directly with a specific point-of-contact, you can turn to any member of the team as specific needs arise.

  • Proactive communication
    We work diligently to anticipate your needs. We stay on top of the latest and most prudent financial thinking and share that expertise through regular calls, meetings personalized to your schedule, one-to-one advice and informative educational events.
  • Client service professionals
    Clients rely on our attentive and detail-oriented service professionals for a host of financial and administrative needs. We are tenacious about resolving outstanding issues and have exceptional follow-through.
  • Coordination with your other advisors
    We will work with your accountants, attorneys and other trusted advisors. Together we will present integrated strategies in order to help achieve your strategic goals.


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