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When it comes to your financial life, how do you know you’re making the most of what you have? In an age of information overload, how do you choose what is most valuable to you and your family?

At Wages Wilson Wealth Management, we consider it a privilege to help guide our clients toward making smart decisions with their money and in reaching long-cherished financial goals.

We work with successful people who value honesty and hard work and expect to find the same traits in their financial advisor. Our experienced and credentialed team includes a Certified Investment Manager Analyst® (CIMA®), a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®), and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), which means there are very few financial situations that arise that we haven’t faced.

We believe in common-sense investing and portfolio management. And we’ll work with you to untangle complicated financial situations and help you create a comprehensive wealth management plan intended to last a lifetime.

Russ Wilson has been recognized as an industry leader

Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in Tennessee, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Putting your financial life in sync with your actual life by pursuing what matters most to you

Investment management

Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.

Our approach starts with questions and a discussion that help us focus on what’s really important to you. Then, we can help you organize your financial life into three key strategies: Liquidity—to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses, Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own.

To help maintain your lifestyle

This strategy helps you manage cash flow for near-term expenses. It can give you the confidence to fund short-term needs regardless of the markets, and helps reduce the likelihood of making impulsive investment decisions during periods of market volatility.

  • Entertainment and travel
  • Taxes
  • Purchasing a home

To help improve your lifestyle

This strategy includes the resources you’ll need over the course of your life. It can help you gain confidence in your future by allowing you to shift your focus to meeting long-term goals rather than trying to outperform the markets.

  • Retirement
  • Healthcare and long-term care expenses
  • Second home

To help improve the lives of others

This strategy includes all of the resources for needs that go beyond your own. Having a Legacy strategy can boost your confidence by reframing risk based on specific legacy goals and longer timeframes.

  • Giving to family
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth transfer over generations

Financial planning

We gather insights about your unique personal and financial situation so that we can build an individually tailored financial plan. Then we track your plan’s progress, communicate regularly and make adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

Retirement planning
Our team can work with you to help preserve your lifestyle and livelihood in retirement. We will help you understand such influences as risk and investment time horizon, evaluate your current asset allocation and help you maximize your Social Security benefits.

We view insurance as a tool to protect your family’s assets, replace income and create a legacy for future generations and philanthropic beneficiaries. We objectively analyze all your current policies—including long-term care—to determine whether they meet current and future needs.

Trust and estate planning strategies
We have the experience and the network to address the complexities of your advanced planning needs. We can help protect your assets, reduce estate tax exposure, transition wealth to future generations and pursue philanthropic endeavors.

Tax strategies
Through open and continuous dialogue with your tax professionals, we’ll review your returns and prepare an integrated strategy. We can create tax-efficient portfolios and construct highly customized family gifting solutions.

Many clients underappreciate the impact of being thoughtful about their giving. We’ll work with you and family members to provide education on philanthropy and participation strategies for the next generation. Our advice includes assessments of your current charitable goals, contributions and associations.

“I challenge information that I see or hear to make sure it adds up and that everything is being considered and contributes to a thorough evaluation of a client’s financial situation.”

— Russ Wilson

Proactive service

Exceptional service is essential to a successful lasting relationship. Accessible and responsive, we always strive to provide the utmost in personalized service.

Attention on your terms
Count on us for prompt attention and relevant insights. Through in-person meetings and ongoing dialogue we’ll communicate frequently to update your portfolio and discuss timely topics.

Trusted client service
Clients rely on our proactive and consistent client service team for a host of financial and administrative needs. This means taking extra steps to provide customized reporting, help organize tax information or simplify daily financial and investment issues, from setting up online services to handling financial statements.

A network of resources
By working closely with your accountants, attorneys and trusted advisors, as well as our network of financial professionals within and outside UBS, we can incorporate all perspectives into one comprehensive approach.

“Listening empathetically, providing information in a timely manner, solving problems—those are key to the long-term relationships we have with our clients.”

— Amanda Grubb

Strength of UBS

Global resources, local insights

Building on its history of over 150 years, UBS is committed to bringing its global resources to bear on the portfolios of high net worth individuals to help them pursue their wealth management goals.

A global powerhouse
With a heritage spanning more than 150 years, UBS is one of the world’s leading wealth management firms. Beyond the deep resources of our investment, banking and asset management businesses, we deliver the global perspective, diverse strategies and relevant guidance to help you move forward with confidence.

Wealth management at our core
Private, corporate and institutional clients throughout the world count on the wealth management expertise of UBS. This dynamic worldwide presence provides us with extensive reach and the advantage of the firm’s global perspective and resources.

Stability and leadership
UBS’s solid long-term credit ratings and strong BIS Basel III common equity Tier 1 (CET1) ratio* is the highest among large global banks. We are recognized as a world-wide industry leader for our wealth management, research and asset allocation.

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Creating a lasting and positive impact

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Planning for the lifestyle you want