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At Wittenberg Holmes Decarlo Partners, we understand that your wealth is about more than what you spend, invest and pass on, it is about life—your commitment to those you care about most, the ideals you stand for and the legacy you hope to leave for the next generation and beyond.

Your values come first
We are a boutique Private Wealth Management practice, an experienced multigenerational team that strives to honor your values as we bring the global resources of UBS and integrated advice to every aspect of your financial world. Your unique objectives guide our thinking and our recommendations. Our own principles of integrity, humility and collaboration are reflected in our relationship with you and with each other.

With the care and dedication you are looking for, we strive to be the team you can turn to for insight on any issue that touches your financial life. We strive to earn your trust and help you pursue your goals, look for opportunities for you and your family and to plan confidently for the future. For that, we are grateful beyond measure. To us, there is no greater privilege. And without question, there is no greater responsibility.

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We recognize that you place your trust in our ability to help you pursue your goals...To us, there’s no greater privilege.

The Family Office Consultant (FOC) business designation

While our advice is informed by insights from our entire team, Eric Wittenberg and Wendy Holmes are among a select group of Private Wealth Advisors who have earned the Family Office Consultant UBS business designation. They have undergone rigorous training to strengthen their knowledge and proficiency to help manage the investment, business, passion and legacy needs of sophisticated, ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients and their families.

Members of Wittenberg Holmes Decarlo Partners have been recognized as industry leaders

Eric Wittenberg

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, New York, 2019 – 2020

Wendy Holmes

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, New York, 2019 – 2020
  • Forbes America's Top Women Advisors 2018 – 2020
  • Working Mother magazine Top Wealth Advisor Moms, 2018 – 2020

Lizzie Decarlo

  • Forbes Best-In-State, New York, Next Generation Wealth Advisors, 2019
  • Forbes America’s Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors, 2018
  • Forbes Top Next-Generation Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, New York, 2019

Wittenberg Holmes Decarlo Partners in the media

Understanding complexity. Seeking opportunity.

Creating your custom blueprint
We are a Private Wealth team focused on helping affluent families with complex, multigenerational goals and concerns. While we’ve found that, in general, our clients lead lives abundant in family, passions, wealth and charity, we also believe that helping them preserve and build upon that abundance requires planning.

Our approach is based on structuring a disciplined financial plan that looks beyond the math and provides an integrated view of estate, legacy, tax and philanthropic priorities. This custom “blueprint” evolves and adapts with what’s important to you and your family as your life or markets change.

The global resources of UBS Private Wealth Management

In addition to a fully customized financial plan, access to our firms capabilities is also essential to the advice we provide. Within the exclusive Private Wealth Management division of UBS, one of the world’s largest wealth managers, we have global access—to the services, solutions and support our exceptional clients deserve.

UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services

Because we understand the dynamics of families and their wealth transfer concerns, we can help you build a thoughtful wealth transition plan for future generations. Working with the UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team of specialists, we offer these resources:

  • Designing and facilitating productive family meetings
  • Educating the rising generation about financial responsibility and carrying on your legacy
  • Teaching about family philanthropy and the positive impact wealth can have
  • Promoting a meaningful intergenerational dialogue about what really matters

Advanced planning
Given the complexity of their wealth, our clients require thoughtful customized blueprints to address their objectives. Together with our Advanced Planning specialists, we’ll evaluate your unique needs, from the basics of creating a will to the tax, liquidity and wealth transfer considerations that factor into your long-term planning strategy. We can work with your legal and tax advisors to help ensure our advice is aligned. Should you need attorney or accountant referrals, we’re happy to provide them.

Portfolio Advisory Group
Individuals with substantial capital should have access to a range of thinking and investing alternatives. Our Portfolio Advisory Group works with product developers to design tailored investment strategies informed by sophisticated quantitative analysis.

Global wealth management research
By drawing upon the investment analysis and the global body of thought leadership and market insight of our Chief Investment Office (CIO), we help ensure you are receiving the firm’s best strategic and tactical allocation guidance.

Disciplined investing in dynamic markets.

Wealth preservation is paramount
We strive to preserve and grow our clients’ assets in a disciplined and diversified manner. We use UBS Wealth Way which starts with questions and a discussion that helps us focus on what's really important to you. Then, we can help you organize your financial life into three key strategies: Liquidity —to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses. Longevity —for longer-term needs and Legacy —for needs that go beyond your own. A permanent allocation to liquidity not only enables clients to remain invested during times of market stress, but also allows them to take advantage of opportunities that arise during dislocations.

Customized portfolios based on a range of outcomes
Predicting market returns is nearly impossible to do with any consistency. Therefore, we design portfolios based on a range of economic and geopolitical outcomes. Given the increasingly complex investment landscape, we constantly revisit and challenge our investments and change course when deemed necessary.

Focus on resiliency, not benchmarks
We build portfolios to help our clients meet their unique goals and objectives over a full market cycle. Our team favors employing active managers who are long-term oriented and have track records of preserving principle in down markets. We have found that this emphasis on downside protection can be a hedge against volatility that seek to provide better than average returns over time.

Objectivity in investment selection process
We make investment decisions objectively and deliberately, without any conflicts of interest. We consider all investment vehicles as potential tools for building a customized investment portfolio using a disciplined product selection process.

Strong women. Stronger voices.

Know your worth. Speak out. Take charge. Today, women have never been more educated, outspoken, successful or wealthy1. Our team also believes that the “gender of wealth” is changing, as we’ve witnessed in the lives of the exceptional women we are lucky enough to have as clients. Yet, UBS research2 tells us that many women, millennials included, aren’t raising their voices and participating in important financial decisions. Why?

According to our research, women are deferring to their partners, particularly when it comes to investing and financial planning. They consistently underestimate their own abilities while overestimating what is required to be financially involved.3

What’s more, longer life expectancies and high rates of divorce after 50 are two trends that are not only leaving more women the stewards of their families, but also stewards of their families’ wealth.4 Whether you’re running your household or your own company, we’re here to help you become more aware, more engaged and more confident in that tough decision-making process that can have a major impact on your family and your future.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

— Melinda Gates

Giving back with passion and purpose.

Philanthropy reflects your vision and values.
Philanthropy is so central to who we are as individuals and as a team. Given this personal commitment to giving back to our community and the causes and organizations that are meaningful to us, we strive to understand your values, your sense of purpose and the passions that drive you. With that insight, we can help you bring your charitable goals to life with a strategic recommendation for making a difference with your wealth.

Our team will host a family meeting to discuss with you and your loved ones the charitable solution that feels right to you. Whether you need administrative support for your foundation, fundraising advice for your nonprofit or clarity as you start your philanthropic journey, we have the experience and network to help you move forward. Our recommendations may include:

  • Donor-advised funds
  • Private foundations
  • Charitable trusts
  • Gifting

The depth and breadth of UBS

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Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts

Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan