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Your priorities may change at different points in your life: as your family grows, as your business expands or as you choose to slow down.

That’s why we want to learn about the things you value most, clarify the goals you want to pursue and get a sense of the future you envision for your business and your family. Our experienced, multigenerational team offers access to a full spectrum of capabilities and can serve as your guide at the intersection of business, finance and wealth management.

Scott Singor has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes America's Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors, 2018


“Our team sees it as our top responsibility to understand each aspect of your unique and often complicated financial life.”

— Eric Thompson


Understanding you

Personalized access and service for diverse clients

A focus on long-term planning

Long-term planning is more important than ever. We spend the time to really get to know you, your loved ones and your goals. Like the families we serve, our team purposefully has advisors from each generation, from baby boomers to Generation X to millennials. We are attuned to helping you preserve the financial independence of your entire family and can help each generation pursue what matters most.

We work across generations to help you address growth strategies, insurance and lending strategies, wealth transfer and preservation, estate planning and philanthropic pursuits.

The focus of a Wealth Advisor

Eric Thompson earned and maintains the UBS business designation of Wealth Advisor. He has met stringent program requirements and qualifications in his role by providing targeted wealth planning guidance. A seasoned professional, Eric seeks the latest, most advanced knowledge and techniques to address the sophisticated needs of clients

Navigating your entire business cycle

Entrepreneurs and private business owners count on us to help simplify their lives, freeing them to pursue their ventures. We help address the full cycle of business needs from strategic financing to pre- and post-sale planning to succession and exit strategies.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, a substantial portion of your family wealth is invested in your business. This comes with its own unique challenges. We help you develop tax-efficient strategies for exiting your business, reducing estate tax exposure and transitioning wealth to future generations.

Services include:

  • Retirement plan consulting
  • Corporate cash management
  • Insurance solutions
  • Banking and lending services
  • ESOP services
  • Investment banking
  • Family and philanthropy advisory
  • Trust solutions
  • Wealth planning

Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA®)

Eric Thompson has earned the CEPA® designation, certifying him as a qualified professional advisor in the field of exit planning. Working with business owners, he incorporates exit strategy insights and tools into the team’s approach, aligning clients’ business, personal and financial goals into one cohesive road map for a successful exit.

For families looking to make an impact

Our team provides charitable giving advice to help you determine how best to articulate your values and put them into action. As we work together to address your legacy mission, our team will work with you and family members to provide education on philanthropy, assess your current charitable goals, address tax-efficient investment strategies and help you integrate philanthropy into your overall financial plan.

Our team has extensive experience providing insight and advice to endowments and foundations investment committees and trustees.

Our services include:

  • Investment policy development and review
  • Asset allocation modeling
  • Investment manager and fund searches
  • Ongoing consulting and performance measurement

Endowment and Foundation Consulting

Scott Singor holds the Endowment and Foundation Consultant designation, which allows him to provide advanced methods for advising nonprofit clients, the key principles of institutional consulting and investment management, and best practices for maintaining a relationship.


“By gaining deep understanding of you and your family, we develop a comprehensive plan that helps us keep you moving forward with your immediate needs and long-term goals.”

— Scott Singor


Wealth planning

A structured approach

Our advice and guidance is based on a clearly defined planning process. A comprehensive planning approach enables our team to look beyond your assets and integrate all areas of your finances. In that way, we help keep pace with your changing perspective on wealth, your family’s lifestyle and your financial priorities.

An integrated financial plan. We help you see how each aspect is interrelated and how decisions can affect your entire wealth picture. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of clients’ financial lives, we help with everything from managing current cash flow to planning for future generations.

Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.

Our approach can help you organize your financial life into three key dimensions: Liquidity—to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses, Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own. Through the plan we create together, we can help you pursue what matters most today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

The benefits of our professional network. UBS’s extensive history of working with affluent families provides our team with insights and understanding into the complexities of wealth. We have direct access to the deep resources of the firm, including:

  • Advanced Planning Group
  • Family Advisory
  • Portfolio Advisory Group
  • Credit and liquidity solutions

The focus of a Wealth Advisor

Eric Thompson earned and maintains the UBS business designation of Wealth Advisor. He has met stringent program requirements and qualifications in his role by providing targeted wealth planning guidance. A seasoned professional, Eric seeks the latest, most advanced knowledge and techniques to address the sophisticated needs of clients.


“We bring an independent perspective to investment analysis and portfolio construction. We don't just follow established models but build personalized strategies based on your lifestyle, needs and goals.”

— Marc Cimmino


Customized investments

Strategies specific to your needs

With a focus on tailored solutions, we can provide a variety of strategies that enable us to build portfolios that help match your objectives and risk preferences. Ongoing monitoring and review of your portfolio helps us track your investments against relevant benchmarks.

Investment solutions across generations. Our direct access to the global resources and open platform of UBS mean we can offer timely perspectives, customized investment management and a fully integrated suite of solutions. We help prepare each family member to collectively manage, sustain and grow their wealth across multiple generations.

Diversified asset allocation. By crafting an asset allocation that supports your financial plan and seeks to lower volatility, we help maintain an opportunistic eye toward investments and changes in the market. Through our comprehensive due diligence and planning process, we determine your family’s goals, growth and income needs, and tolerance for risk.

Tax mitigation strategies. Understanding the tax consequences of your investments and the potential impact on your financial plan is an integral piece of our approach. In coordination with your CPA and estate attorney, we will help you develop tax-efficient strategies for managing your wealth.

Active risk management. Investing can be an immensely emotional undertaking, and those emotions can be the biggest obstacle to success. We design and manage our portfolios to perform over full market cycles. With deep analysis and due diligence, we help manage risk and position you to take advantage of opportunities.

The power of analysis

Scott Singor and Marc Cimmino are Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) professionals. They have completed stringent educational components designed specifically to distinguish themselves as effective and ethical investment management professional in the industry. Eric Thompson is a designated Portfolio Manager through UBS’s Portfolio Management Program (PMP), a select group of Financial Advisors qualified to offer discretionary day-to-day management of assets.


“Our prompt attention, regular communication and level of service means we can always count on getting you what you need, when you need it. We constantly strive to exceed expectations.”

— Julie Lewis


Personalized service

Building long-lasting relationships

Our team is accountable to you, and works diligently on your behalf. By offering personalized, high-touch service, our goal is to develop the kind of communication and efficiency that builds long-lasting relationships. This individualized attention aims to provide a level of support that is invaluable.

You come first. Our team always puts your needs first. We offer a highly individualized experience that is responsive and flexible to your needs.

Working with your whole family. Helping you navigate the needs of family, business, finance and legacy, we work closely with you to develop strategies that serve current generations and yet flexible enough to meet the needs of future generations.

Attention on your terms. We schedule regular meetings on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, based on your preferences and what works best for you. This frequent and planned communication keeps us on track to meeting your goals and objectives.

Personal client service. Clients rely on our proactive and compassionate client service team for a host of critical financial and a dministrative needs. Longtime clients who have become close friends are a testament to the quality of service we provide.


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