Pursuing Philanthropy in action

As members of the exclusive UBS Private Wealth management division, our team has direct access to the vast philanthropic resources of our firm. We strive to understand what matters most to you—locally and globally—and then help you choose a giving program that reflects your vision and your values. Together, we can help you transform your charitable goals into meaningful impact—whether to improve the lives of others, the communities you call home or even throughout the world.

“We use Philanthropy as a powerful component of our team’s core value proposition. All of us at Epstein Partners agree that nothing matches the feeling of helping clients to perpetuate values and maximize their charitable impact.”

— Adam Epstein

How can your wealth make a difference?

Identify your approach
Do you seek direct involvement with your beneficiaries? Or do you prefer to remain behind the scenes? Whatever your motives, needs and expectations, our structured and strategic advisory approach will help ensure that your philanthropy is personal and rewarding.

Our recommendations may include:

  • Donor-advised funds
  • Private foundations
  • Charitable trusts
  • Gifting

Global Philanthropists Community
The Global Philanthropists Community, a circle of peer philanthropists and social impact investors, is an exclusive members-only network supported by UBS and designed to connect active philanthropists and social impact investors with similar interests to share best practices and encourage collaboration to drive even greater impact.

Membership includes:

Connections: introductions through a Philanthropy Advisor to other philanthropists and social impact investors based on their submitted profile

Engagement: invitations to events and opportunities to engage relevant to your interests

Knowledge: opportunities to share your knowledge as well as newsletter updates

The UBS Optimus Foundation
The UBS Optimus Foundation, guided by its vision for a world where everyone can reach their full potential, invests in social systems that allow people to grow up healthy, educated and free from abuse. It is the only foundation linked to a global wealth manager staffed with philanthropy experts. With an approach that takes advantage of a unique network, the Foundation takes a leading role in driving impactful philanthropy that delivers breakthrough solutions to pressing social issues. Because solving these problems requires collaborative initiatives that make real impact on a large scale, the Optimus Foundation takes smart risks on evidence-based, scalable solutions with diverse partners, improving health, education and child protection.

How will you pass on the values instilled in you?

Meaningful causes. Passionate commitments.

While philanthropy is an integral part of our business, it’s an even greater part of our lives and the culture we cultivate as a team. In fact, we believe in our passionate commitment to giving back.

Here are some of the causes we care about most.

Philanthropic causes
The three most favored philanthropic causes to support this year have been education and health, economic/social impact and the environment2

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If your philanthropic decisions can help make the world a better place. Can your investment decisions do so too?

Sustainable investing

Integrates societal concerns, personal values or an institutional mission into investment decisions

Excludes companies or industries from portfolios where they are not aligned with an investor’s values

Impact investing
Invests with the intention to generate measurable environmental and social (E&S) impact alongside a financial return

Integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into traditional investment processes, seeking to improve portfolio risk and return