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The Halbfinger Group provides the individualized attention of a boutique team backed by the strength and stability of UBS, one of the largest wealth management firms around the globe. We provide seamless integration across all aspects of your financial world.

We combine financial planning with investment management and deliver it with the highest standard of personalized service. We are committed to engaging each generation of your family, offering thoughtful advice and education to help meet your goals.

Personalized service

Commmitted to putting your goals first

With a depth of experience that gives us a holistic perspective on the markets and life, we deliver independent, objective financial guidance to a select group of individuals, families, and institutions.

Attention with a personal touch
We always strive to provide the utmost in personalized service. Each member of our team has a clearly defined role and a specific set of skills. We foster an environment that keeps you engaged in the investment process in the manner most appropriate to your needs and schedule.

Working together
Clients rely on our trusted and proactive client service team for a host of financial and administrative needs. Our experienced team works closely together to offer the kind of personal attention and concierge service you would expect from a family office.

Count on us to be:

  • Collaborative
  • Accessible
  • Confidential
  • Transparent

“Clients come to our team because the complexity of their financial lives has outstripped their ability to manage it. We offer a range of experience, complementary strengths and outstanding service that can help our clients better control their financial destiny.”

— Marty Halbfinger

Financial planning

A road map for long-term success

Our planning process begins with a series of meaningful conversations. We then work with you to establish a comprehensive financial plan that prioritizes your goals. We view this as a business plan for your personal life, creating metrics to measure success and providing context for all important financial decision-making.

An integrated approach
Our goals-based approach to planning can help you see the connections between all aspects of your financial world, including insurance and liability, education funding, trust and estate and philanthropy.

Bringing together the best resources
We are trusted by our clients to work directly with their accountants and estate attorneys, whether we’re helping with tax planning or advising on the most prudent strategies for building a legacy.

Safeguarding multigenerational wealth
We are keenly attuned to protecting the financial independence of your entire family, structuring a deliberate and meaningful family legacy, and directing capital to reflect your values.

“With complex financial planning and portfolios, it's easy to focus just on the assets, the numbers, and the activity. Everyone on our team understands that there are real people behind those numbers, and they are counting on us to manage their wealth — and all the potential it holds.”

— Cliff Stober

Customized investing

The perspective to make informed financial decisions

We build highly customized portfolios from a broad array of investments. We dedicate tremendous resources toward the due diligence of manager selection and oversight beyond UBS's already stringent process.

Asset allocation and risk management
We believe that the right asset allocation can help meet your objectives within acceptable risk parameters. By listening and aligning with your objectives, we focus on strategies that allow for sensible growth and help mitigate risk. We seek out talented money managers with a proven process and track record.

True open architecture
We offer extensive access to premium financial solutions and managers both within and outside of UBS. In addition, we can source outside hedge fund managers for our client platform. This open architecture, along with a disciplined process, ensures we develop customized strategies based on highly-focused research.


Our team believes that preserving capital in difficult markets while participating in positive markets is essential to achieving your goals. Beyond UBS's extensive capabilities, our team performs an added layer of analysis by looking at a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors as part of our investment selection process.

Fixed income

Our view is that fixed income securities, or bonds, play a vital role in anchoring a well-diversified portfolio. Because bonds are generally less volatile, they may provide capital stability, income, liquidity and diversification to other growth-oriented asset classes such as equities and property. For this reason, we believe fixed income portfolios should be a high quality with maturities oriented towards the client's objectives.

Alternative investments

We may incorporate alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate into portfolios where appropriate. We use hedge funds to help mitigate risk or long/short hedge funds as part of an equity allocation. In addition, we seek out income-oriented private equity deals as a way to potentially generate more income in today's low interest rate environment.

“We help clients understand and potentially benefit from the tremendous changes that continue to transform the economy. By filtering out a lot of the noise that can confuse even sophisticated investors, we help our clients use their resources effectively to create more opportunity for how they live today and want to live tomorrow.”

— Doug Summer

Heritage of UBS

Trusted guidance that's leading the way in wealth management

At The Halbfinger Group, our entire team of specialists is committed to bringing the global resources and intellectual capital of UBS to bear on all aspects of your financial life.

Advice. Beyond investing.
We understand the challenges you face throughout life's important personal and professional milestones. Today, financial planning requires the comprehensive services of one of the world's largest wealth managers. Accessing the deep resources of the firm, our team is strongly positioned to address the realities of the global economy and to meet the wide range of your sophisticated needs. It's what we call: "Advice. Beyond investing."

The strength and leadership of UBS
We draw upon the heritage of UBS AG, one of the world's leading wealth management firms built on a 150-year tradition of serving some of today's wealthiest individuals and families. This dynamic worldwide presence provides us with extensive reach and the distinct advantage of the firm's global perspective, insights and resources.

The Halbfinger Group

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Martin Halbfinger has been recognized as an industry leader.

  • Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisors, 2019
  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Forbes/SHOOK America's Top Wealth Advisors, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Barron's Top 100 Financial Advisors, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Financial Times Top 400 Financial Advisers, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Barron's Top 1,000 Financial Advisors, 2012, 2013


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