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1635 N. Waterfront Pkwy
Suite 250
Wichita, KS 67206

“Our clients truly value the deep relationship they have with us. We strive to be the only call our clients need to make to address any financial need.”

— Brown Flaming Roulston Wealth Management Group

Effective March 9th, 2020 we will be located in our new office @ 1635 N. Waterfront Parkway Suite 250 Wichita, KS 67206.

With a commitment to understanding all your financial needs, we address the challenges you face in today’s ever-changing environment. We deliver what you need most: Advice and solutions that help you pursue all of life’s goals. As a multigenerational team with diverse backgrounds and experience that spans several decades, you benefit from our personal insights and guidance—and our keen understanding for how priorities shift with time and age.

Whether you’re pursuing personal, business or family goals, our team delivers the added value to help you find the right solutions—with advice tailored to your individual circumstances and all you’d like your wealth to achieve. And we offer access to the vast resources of UBS, one of the world’s largest wealth managers.

Comprehensive understanding of your unique needs

We recognize that every client has unique financial needs, and when working with you, our team is committed to investing the time to really understand your goals for today and for the future. At the start of a relationship, we look to learn all we can about you.

After a full review of your needs, we recommend the best options that make the most sense for you. We are here for whatever you need—and never with a cookie-cutter solution.

Investment management

With an understanding of your unique goals and comfort with risk, we work with you to design your personal asset allocation strategy. Whether you’re looking to build wealth for the future, protect it for the next generation or create a giving strategy, we are well-positioned with advice and a plan.

Our team provides a variety of strategies that enable us to build custom portfolios comprised of a range of offerings -- from highly diversified to more targeted opportunities. As we put your investment strategy into action, we communicate regularly so that we can adapt your portfolio to the changing market environment and your personal life events.

Experienced team dedicated to your best interests

We take a team approach to addressing your financial needs, so that every client receives the attention and support of each member of our team. As a full-service wealth management group, we are here to address your most important priorities, whatever they may be. We look beyond investments to help you pursue your complex wealth management needs—from insurance and banking to business transition and estate planning.

Because we have built strong relationships with a wide array of experts in our local community, we engage with an extended team of tax, banking, insurance and estate planning advisors to draw from broader perspectives. Working closely with these local experts, as well as our internal network of UBS experts, we find the right solutions designed for you, your family and the future you envision.

Service that builds long-term relationships

We believe that the quality of the personal attention and service you receive really matters. Our commitment to building lasting relationships makes us the first call for many of our clients, no matter what the question.

We take pride in delivering exceptional service by putting your best interests first. Our dedicated client service team is always available to answer your questions and assist you with whatever it is you need. We are passionate about providing real value—and to helping you confidently embrace your financial future.

Ruse Brown has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors, 2019
  • UBS Top 35 Under 35, 2018, 2019


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Creating a legacy that lasts

Long-term investment themes

Long-term investment themes