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As Private Wealth Advisors to ultra-wealthy families for more than 20 years, we recognize that you require bespoke advice and solutions that reflect who you are and what matters most to you at different times in your life. We understand that wealth creation is achieved through concentration, while wealth preservation is achieved through diversification and intelligent planning. We have learned that your wealth may be used as an accelerant for great ideas, as well as to provide security for future generations, and therefore proper balance sheet management is essential to your success.

More than investing. Access.
Your advisors should understand the exceptional circles you move in, curate the introductions that can help further your endeavors and support your vision for the future. Supported by the resources of the largest wealth management firm in the world,1 the Stackman | Casriel Group can provide you with the access you deserve. From the multidisciplinary specialists across UBS Private Wealth Management to the like-minded innovators and investors who share your business interests or passions, we will mine our extensive network inside and outside of UBS to help guide your great wealth today, across generations, for generations. That is the value we can provide to you.

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Stackman | Casriel Group

Ranked in Barron’s Top 50 Private Wealth Advisory Teams, 2019 – 2021

Scott Stackman

  • Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors, 2015 – 2021
  • Financial Times Top 400 Financial Advisors, 2014 – 2020
  • Forbes America’s Top Wealth Advisors, 2018 – 2020
  • Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2016 – 2020

Lyle Casriel

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, New York, 2019 – 2021

One touchpoint.
A vast network of opportunity.

Our decades of serving exceptional families has earned us a place among a select group of UBS Private Wealth Advisors who have earned the Family Office Consultant (FOC) business designation. We have undergone rigorous training to strengthen our knowledge and proficiency in helping manage the investment, business, passion and legacy needs of sophisticated, ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients and their families.

The Family Office Solutions Group
Through our collaboration with the Family Office Solutions Group and their more than 20 specialists across intra-wealth disciplines, we’ll serve as your single touchpoint for delivering a range of expertise across all of UBS. With access to professionals who are dedicated to working with families just like yours, we believe there’s no better platform for us to tailor advice and opportunities specifically for your complex needs, across generations.

Addressing challenges. Delivering solutions.

Whatever your goal, no matter how complex, we listen, understand and connect you to the expertise and resources that can get you the solution you need.

For family offices

How transparency and conflict-free investment management earned trust

The situation
Our client was starting a multi-family office from the ground up. The principals of the family office were CPAs and attorneys who were looking for an investment professional to outsource the investment process. This investment professional needed to be able to provide a flexible coverage model that allowed them to exert control over both the asset allocation and the investment selection processes for individual client opportunities. Transparency of advice and pricing were two critical priorities.

The strategy
We began by exploring our client’s vision for the business and his past experiences working with large bank platforms. We learned very quickly that he was somewhat suspicious of most advisors and their firm’s approach to recommending money managers and products. With this in mind, we focused on a combination of our investment process for existing clients and illustrated how we cull the UBS universe of products to create the subset we work with most often.

We then explained our relationship with the Portfolio Advisory Group to help him understand how we translate investment research into tangible investment advice. We highlighted the due diligence process, both at UBS and within our team, and how we actively manage our managers. Because transparency of advice mattered most, we effectively demonstrated our process—how we narrowed down our universe and in doing so, were able to project our conservative investment philosophy, our experience working with investment managers and our approach to product selection.

Our approach afforded the principals of the multi-family direct access to thought leaders inside and outside of UBS, as well as direct access to money managers—a benefit they value, as it helps increase their own credibility with their clients.

Our continuing relationship
Because we always also look to leverage our relationships to empower family office principals with their clients and prospects, we believe our approach builds trust. It also provides appropriate transparency, so family office principals can feel confident that we are consistently working in their client’s best interest. They strengthen and deepen relationships with their end client because they chose to align with a capable and trustworthy team who operates with complete integrity.

For business owners

How our network of UBS experts helped us maximize the benefits of a multibillion-dollar liquidity event

The situation
Our client was in the early stages of planning the sale of his closely held business—a multibillion-dollar liquidity event—and launching his own family office from the ground up. He was referred to us by his private equity advisor, who is also a client and whose experience with our team provided the confidence to make an emphatic recommendation to meet our team before finalizing the decision to hire a professional wealth manager. At the time we were introduced, we were the 12th investment manager added to the interview process, and the only firm with no prior history with this client.

The strategy
Understanding that UBS had no prior experience with this client, any of his team members or his past operating entities, we assembled a roundtable of senior UBS management from around the firm, including executive leadership within Wealth Management and the Investment Bank, along with the firm’s Chief Investment Office, Portfolio Management Group, Global Family Office, Asset Management and Alternative Investments. The client experienced a high level of service, attention and advice, and ultimately selected UBS as one of four of the twelve firms to help provide wealth management services.

Of additional note was the fact that at the time of liquidity the family office had few internal resources to manage such a large amount of cash. To help bridge the need to invest the proceeds, the client asked the four firms to work collectively as a single investment committee to share economic perspectives and to build a collective investment strategy that would serve the best interest of the client while providing the most flexibility for each wealth management firm.

We worked extremely hard to demonstrate our commitment to adding value in our relationships. The client still recounts the early advice he received from our head of the Global Family Office about keeping his personal and business assets separate as he built his family office and set the path toward his next entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our continuing relationship
Confident in our abilities and the resources of UBS, our client ultimately consolidated all of his existing relationships. Today, we are one of only two wealth management teams advising his family office.

For corporate executives

How our relationship guided three generations through loss and financial transition

The situation
A family was overwhelmed after the death of its patriarch, a financial services executive. Only the patriarch understood the sophisticated investments he managed and the multigenerational planning he had put in place through his revocable trust. The family and the executor needed new leadership with strong investment acumen, estate planning experience and an understanding of the needs of the surviving spouse and the next generation. They were looking for a single wealth management relationship to provide a comprehensive and organized plan to transition the estate to beneficiaries. This would require investment and trust and estate planning strategies, as well as education and task management. Unfortunately, the executor of the estate did not have the time or resources to address the complex needs or provide the emotional sensitivity required to complete the family’s financial transition.

The strategy
We recommended a Private Plan, an engagement with the UBS Private Planning Group that we provide to clients, that allows us to do a forensic deep-dive into the family’s financial and estate planning picture. The Private Plan results in a simple but exhaustive road map of the family’s financial situation. The Private Plan helped us and the family to gather and organize all of the family’s assets, collecting all documents and ownership information to build a balance sheet and identify what changes had already been made and what remained to be completed.

The final balance sheet also allowed us to provide thoughtful investment advice to meet the needs of the surviving spouse around income, asset allocation, liquidity and risk based on legacy positions in large, illiquid investments. Their estate plan included the establishment of a large family foundation, for which we engaged a third-party provider as another way to simplify the transition and day-to-day management for the surviving family members. The plan also helped the next generation understand the family’s estate and actually led to additional advanced planning for the adult children and their families. We worked closely with the executor, trustee, attorney and accountant, to establish an action plan that addressed all of the family’s financial needs and helped everyone settle and close the estate. Moreover, we earned the trust of the family and its professional team.

Our continuing relationship
As a result of our efforts, we are now working with the surviving spouse and both adult children on their personal and business wealth management needs, and we have become their primary trusted advisors and first call for all of their family finances and planning.

For private equity firms

How lending built a bridge to a strategic equity relationship

The situation
An old friend and senior executive at a major private equity firm was interested in gaining access to market a new fund on the UBS platform. In that meeting, a request was made to see if UBS would be interested in lending to him and other colleagues to provide liquidity on their mandatory “side-by-side” investments into their own funds. This was a unique situation because banks don’t generally lend against illiquid assets.

The strategy
Our team understood that this opportunity was not just about lending, but about how lending could build a larger and more meaningful relationship. We helped create a strategic initiative that would allow us to leverage the vast and diverse resources of UBS into a single, integrated relationship. All of the firm’s senior private equity partners would have access to an experience as a single client with rewards for their aggregated size and scale.

Working with our connections within UBS Bank USA, UBS Portfolio Advisory Group, Investment Advisory Solutions, Private Planning, inside and outside legal counsel, the offices of the CEO, COO and Risk, the Investment Bank and Regional and Branch Office Support, we were able to facilitate a customized lending program for all senior partners of the private equity firm, including an integrated wealth management experience with full access to the entire firm.

We helped leverage the personal relationships with senior partners to assist them in accessing other areas within UBS and facilitate business with Investment Banking and other Corporate Services.

Our continuing relationship
Creating this relationship enabled the Private Equity Firm to add a new, meaningful connection to its short list of preferred banks. Our relationship has provided the client with key client status within any area of UBS it engages. The private equity firm is also able to receive attractive terms on a variety of banking products and services.

For concentrated stock holders

How hedging a concentrated equity position delivered confidence

The situation
Our client, a senior executive at a major public company, had nearly 80 percent of his wealth in company stock. He was planning to exit the firm, taking his significant equity holdings with him. While our team already managed the liquid portion of his assets, he came to us seeking guidance and a solution for mitigating the risk to his concentrated stock during the blackout period after his departure, but before he could sell it.

The strategy
Given the many factors that can affect a smooth and successful outcome, we began by understanding the client’s concerns and the nature and timing of his expected liquidity from the concentrated position. We then worked with all of the resources at UBS to create a meaningful way to hedge his exposure understanding his restrictions on trading his company stock.

Our ability to assemble a team of specialists within UBS enabled us to bring together shared insights—the Portfolio Advisory Group, the Investment Bank, our Restricted Stock Desk and the Monetization Strategies team. Each of these experts contributed to the structuring of a solution that would help give our client downside protection with a group of stocks that were highly correlated to his own. To that end, we were able to help this executive effectively hedge his exposure keeping in mind his restrictions from having to directly sell or hedge his company stock.

Our continuing relationship
Although the solution we provided for our client met his financial objective, it offered an even greater benefit—comfort and confidence. It gave our client the assurance he needed to transition to his new company and fully engage in his new role.

For individuals and families

How estate planning strategies delivered with compassionate strengthened a lifelong relationship with this exceptional family

The situation
The team had a longstanding relationship with our client’s entire family—the husband, wife and their two adult children. We worked primarily with the husband, who generally kept the family finances close to the vest. When he passed away, we sat down with the rest of the family and walked them through their current financial picture. Working closely with our internal trust and estate consultant and the family’s accountant and attorney, we helped them understand and address estate planning issues and their needs in the future.

Our concern, attentiveness and high level of service ultimately led to a consolidation of all assets at UBS. We were then able to construct a new portfolio that was representative of the wife’s liquidity and income needs and her intended legacy for her children.

The strategy
We knew our client’s wife was going to need a lot of help and we immediately stepped up to let her know that we would assist her with anything and everything to help her reduce the emotional burden of settling the estate and planning for her future. This took a lot of hand-holding, running down answers to a variety of questions, and often just being a friend who could listen.

Our conversations were not always easy, but they were honest and necessary—particularly when it came to discussing income and expenses in the current interest rate environment. Instead of chasing yield and adding risk to help meet income needs, we walked her through some scenarios to consider—income targets that could satisfactorily help meet her lifestyle needs without exposing her principal to undue risk.

We ultimately referred her to our external network of tax and estate advisors, who have worked closely with us and many of our clients. Together, we developed a seamless and integrated approach to help manage the family’s assets.

Our continuing relationship
Today, we advise over all assets and the financial aspects of administering the estate. We make ourselves available for any and all questions and have become the “go-to” resource for all financial questions. We meet regularly with all members of the family to make sure they can maintain their lifestyle and to hold their hands during times of market dislocation.

By providing proactive and successful estate planning strategy advice, we helped our clients achieve their goals. More importantly, we were able to demonstrate our deep commitment to this relationship and build trust simply being there for our clients when we’re needed most.

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