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The Weisberg Group has the resources, experience and insight into the retirement plan industry to help you address the unique objectives of your plan as well as the needs and goals of your employees. We’ll review all the features of your plan in addition to its investment platform, so we can make more informed recommendations about streamlining design, provisions, budgets, regulatory compliance and recordkeeping.

Our simplified approach

  • A single point of contact
  • Coordination of resources
  • Accountability
  • Cost and time efficiencies

The bottom line: We’ll help make your plan stronger so you can make each fiduciary decision with confidence. Here’s what you can expect from our consulting relationship:

A forward-thinking team on the forefront of the “new retirement”

With longer life expectancies, greater employee responsibility for retirement savings and the increased governance demands placed on fiduciaries, you need collaboration and advice from professionals who truly understand an evolving retirement industry and the challenges you face.

Fiduciary risk management

Delivering investment advice as an ERISA fiduciary, our team works closely with your board of directors and committee charter to help ensure fiduciary accountability. We then establish fiduciary best practices for your plan. We diligently adhere to the guidelines of your Investment Policy Statement. At all times, we maintain compliance with ERISA and with the Universal Fiduciary Standards of Care.

Investment consulting

We offer a comprehensive process to analyze, monitor, track and replace investments. It includes prudent manager selection, asset allocation methodology and independent research, all aligned with your Investment Policy Statement.

Plan compliance and customized design

We review your plan features to ensure they’re appropriate to your goals, review administrative needs and oversee plan mergers and acquisitions. We evaluate potential plan enhancements. Our consulting services also address recent DOL compliance and IRS audit representation as well as plan document maintenance.

Employee education

Better communication between employees and plan sponsors creates greater overall plan participation and confidence in the program. We’re committed to integrating robust employee education programs into each plan design to help participants achieve their retirement readiness goals.


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