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We, at Soteria Wealth Management, highly respect the immense level of success you have achieved and understand your desire to safeguard it. That is exactly why we offer seasoned investment insights to help you grow and preserve your wealth.

As Private Wealth Advisors, we will connect you to the advice and opportunities you need. We‘ll address your most important goals and handle the many intricate details of your financial life with uncompromising service and commitment. Our deep knowledge of private and institutional wealth management, coupled with our strong focus on multigenerational planning, can be a true source of confidence. Our goal is to help give you the freedom to focus on the other priorities in your life.

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Plan for the goals
that matter

We begin our relationship getting to know each other. We‘ll discuss your personal and professional goals, your family and your wishes for the multiple generations of your legacy. Because life is not stagnant, your financial plan will evolve with you over time.

Invest beyond
the traditional

We look beyond the traditional asset allocation and often utilize alternative investments designed to lower volatility, mitigate taxes, and strive to ensure your portfolio is generating appropriate returns that meet your needs and comfort level.

Access all of UBS Private Wealth Management

As members of the firm's exclusive Private Wealth Management division, we have immediate access to deep global resources across the firm. From thought leaders in world markets to our specialists in Advanced Planning, Family and Philanthropy Advisory Services and investment banking, these extensive resources complement the advice our team provides.

Our seasoned team has helped many owners with the sale and succession of their businesses. We understand the complexity and sensitivity of this process and work with you from the critical pre-liquidity planning through execution and closing.

“We understand the conflicting emotions that surface when you finally decide to step away from what may be the biggest investment of your life.”

— Michael James

Preparing for a strategic exit
Your guide to unlocking a lifetime of work

Contemplating a liquidity event
Planning appropriately to get the most out of a sale

UBS Investor Watch. Who’s the boss?
Business ownership: Who’s in, who’s out and who’s holding back

We help our clients manage the risk, volatility and regulatory complexity of executive compensation. We thoroughly evaluate your entire balance sheet and create a plan that allows you to balance these requirements while allowing you to pursue your current and long-term goals.

“We look at all the assets in your professional life and then assess` the risks. Our goal is to provide creative solutions for how best to utilize your complete balance sheet.”

— Nicholas Pepe

Executive decisions
Use goals-based wealth management to prepare for life’s stages

Ins and outs of stock options and equity compensation
Planning appropriately to get the most out of a sale

UBS Investor Watch. Retiring old clichés
Analyzing investor sentiment and behavior

Working with you and your loved ones, we provide wealth transfer and estate planning strategies, as well as the necessary education to prepare the next generation for financial responsibility and independence.

“We believe every generation can benefit from education and solid planning advice, leading them more confidently toward their goals.”

— Joseph Vogler

A road map
Designing an effective family meeting

It’s more than just the money
Implementing effective family governance strategies

Financial Education: How to educate children about money
Parents can help provide their children with the skills necessary to make a lifetime of good financial decisions

Whether you have just been drafted or signed a multiyear contract, we can help you organize your financial world today so you can confidently plan for the future. We will collaborate with you to paint a clearer picture of your goals so that your financial plan integrates seamlessly into any particular stage of your career. By entrusting us as your Financial Advisor, we will coordinate with your agent, attorney and accountant in order to create a strong team that will work on pursuing all of your goals—together.

“We manage the many moving pieces of your financial world so you can confidently focus on your life, career and whatever comes next.”

— Graham Falbo

Estate planning for the professional athlete
A unique set of personal and professional circumstances can make the planning process more challenging

Millennials—the global guardians of capital
UBS Chief Investment Office Americas Wealth Management whitepaper

A wealth of good
Philanthropy Advisory Americas

Whether it‘s divorce, the death of a spouse or the inspiration to finally start that new business, we can help you tackle and embrace those uncharted financial territories.

“We can help empower you with tools and insights for making financial decisions throughout your lifetime.”

— Tracy Byrnes

Own your worth
How women can break the cycle of abdication and take control of their wealth

Gender-Lens Wealth
UBS Chief Investment Office Wealth Management Research whitepaper

Impact investing
Generating social or environmental impact along with financial returns

Michael James and Joseph Vogler have been recognized as industry leaders.

Michael James

  • On Wall Street Top 40 Advisors Under 40, 2019
  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors (NJ), 2019
  • UBS Top 35 Under 35, 2014, 2015, 2016

Joseph Vogler

  • UBS Top FAs Under 35, 2019
  • Forbes America's Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisor, 2017, 2018

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